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What we do

Fugee empowers refugees as leaders of change to access high-quality education and integrate into the job market in their host countries so they lead dignified lives and contribute to society.

fugee school

The journey for a refugee child starts at Fugee School & continues through the Fugee Youth Academy with globally-recognized courses to accomplish the final stage of higher education and employment.

fugee fugeelah

– the independent business entity of Fugee

advocacy & outreach

Our approach is awareness campaigns, followed by actionable opportunities which organically opens up portals for access and opportunities for the refugee community. By building comprehensive coalitions and defining common goals, we’ll achieve a multiplying effect in our advocacy efforts.

Advocacy awareness for policy change

We participate in panels and conferences such as the 2019 Rotary Malaysia conference which brought together various stakeholders to discuss the right to work. We also moderated an important panel by Ideas Think Tank featuring key international political and business figures advocating refugee rights to work to the Malaysian government. Fugee also assisted in getting corporate signatures for the Tent Foundation advocacy letter submitted to the Malaysia government.

Together with academics and civil society actors and in consultation with public higher education institutions, we have participated in the drafting of the Whitepaper ‘Towards Inclusion of Refugees in Higher Education in Malaysia’.

Advocacy action for access to opportunities

As part of our commitment to ensuring access to opportunities at all levels, we work with partners to ensure that the refugee youth can further their studies, seek vocational skills training and secure internships when possible.

Fugee has organized for the third consecutive year the CERTE Bridge Course that bridges the gap between refugees with high school education and access to tertiary education in Malaysia. The course is the result of a collaborative effort involving Fugee as coordinator, international organizations like Opening Universities for Refugees, as well as UNHCR Malaysia, universities, community learning centres and committed individuals, refugees and non-refugees.

Continuing with our work towards improving access to university for refugees, Fugee School has launched its GED course. The General Education Diploma is an accredited higher secondary education diploma acknowledged in many countries worldwide. Fugee has opted for organizing this course given that GED is overall more affordable and it can be prepared in only 1 academic year, therefore allowing a quick tangible outcome for accessing university be it in Malaysia or in the country of resettlement.

project stand-up

Project Stand Up (PSU) grew from a Development Studies class at the Fugee School. PSU is now run by Fugee School alumni. Fugee has impacted over 400 children and youth including their team as Fugee alumni.

PSU is a youth initiative that is focused on improving youth participation, decision-making and improving access to education for the refugee youth, particularly girls and young women. PSU is governed using the youth-adult partnership (YAP) methodology and Refugee Led Action Principles.