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– the independent business entity of Fugee


Fugeelah wants to see a Malaysia where refugees have equal opportunities.


They work with the refugee community to create lifestyles accessories for contemporary individuals committed to people and the planet.

Fugeelah is the business arm of Fugee Org. It runs as a separate, independent mission-driven social enterprise, created for children and youth seeking refuge in Malaysia. Founded by Deborah Henry in 2017 – with a humble starting grant 5000 USD from UNHCR and a Rotary Club – the primary purpose is to contribute towards the sustainable running of Fugee School, a not-for-profit organisation that provides free education and community support to those in transit.

Over the last three years Fugeelah has grown into a thriving ethical jewellery brand that is deeply devoted to quality, both in the jewellery we make and the lives we aim to encourage. They dedicate themselves to thoughtful sourcing, fair wages and give-back initiatives that truly have an impact. Fugeelah educates, employs and empowers refugee children and youth so they can approach life with dignity, purpose and pride.