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fugee youth academy

Fugee has established the Fugee Youth Academy in 2020 to channel and provide structure to our work towards improving access to education and internship opportunities for young adults.

The Fugee Youth Academy launched in 2020 with the aims of organizing learning programmes for young adults and seeking for internships and job opportunities. Counselling and coaching, and networking with companies, universities and training providers to facilitate access to the participants in our programmes are key aspects of the Academy’s operation.

The educational offer of the Fugee Youth Academy ranges from courses with an academic focus addressed to

transition to tertiary education

  • CERTE Bridge Course
  • General Education Development (GED) Course
  • Access to IGCSE

transition to tertiary education

  • Vocational Training
  • Youth Leadership
  • Other training programmes – Amala Education

Some of these courses have been coordinated and offered by Fugee in the last few years. By integrating them in the curriculum and operation of the Fugee Youth Academy we highlight the need of a targeted approach to encompass the needs and aspirations of young refugees.

Why we established the Youth Academy?

Access to Tertiary Education

Since 2016, 8 Fugee students have received assistance to access the IGCSE exams and more than 10 students have participated in CERTE Bridge Course.

Access to Job Markets

When the Buddy programme kicked off in 2016, since then, at least 15 Fugee School students have participated, eventually acquiring teaching and administration skills while perceiving an allowance from Fugee School for their work. Some of these students have been later on hired as teacher assistants in other schools.

Up to 15 Fugee students have been part of Drums for Hope. Besides learning how to play a musical instrument and building their soft skills, the students have earned income from their participation in performances.

Fugee School has steadily increased its efforts in improving students’ employability. This work has led to the design and implementation of skill-based courses and an internship programme which from 2020 onwards, these will be organized via The Fugee Academy.

Becoming Change-making Agents

Project Stand Up (PSU) was created by 8 Fugee alumni in 2016. Since then, it has become a globally recognized, award winning initiative focused on improving access to and participation in education, particularly for girls. PSU develops and delivers trainings to encourage youth, particularly girls, to become change agents in their community. Together with the training programs, PSU has also designed mobile applications for community work and to facilitate access to relevant information for refugees.

With the support from Fugee, PSU has been awarded with grants from the Australian Cooperation, Kolibri and the UNHCR Community Connectivity Fund.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Fugee Youth Academy!